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Fake betting racket busted in Uttar Pradesh, two arrested

On Tuesday, two people were arrested at Lucknow when an International Online Cricket Betting racket was busted by the cops of Uttar Pradesh.

It was discovered letar that the accused were faking a live streaming T20 tournament in the name of one of the biggest T20 International Leagues which happened to be Big Bash Punjab T20. According to the local police they were using an open broadcasting software to do this.

Few days back, four people were arrested in a small village of Vadnagar, Gujarat for the same reasons.

In an interview with the reporters SP Hapur Deepak Bhuker revealed,"So far we have arrested two persons who have been identified as Rishabh Kumar, a resident of Gwalior and Shabbu Ahmad from Meerut. These two men were organising a T-20 matches in a Hapur based stadium and were live streaming the same on a crick heroes, a mobile phone cricket betting app. Interestingly, the look and feel of the match was made highly professional for which a Russia based operative Ashok Chaudhary provided the IT equipment and cricket gear. Rishabh's task was to arrange for the teams while Shabbu identified good quality stadiums. During questioning, Rishabh revealed he would make around Rs 50,000 for each match. Team players were also given payment for matches," as reported by TOI.

Police also suspect that the real organiser is doing this kind of illegal thing somewhere from Russia. The link of the real culprit was also found in the case of Gujarat.

SP Bhuker also added, "During questioning, one name Asif Chaudhary also cropped up, whose name came up in Gujarat case as well. He is currently living in Moscow," as reported by TOI.

From manipulation of players to buyers, the whole process is done through an app.

Hapur police seized all of the equipment which was used for the live streaming of the matches.

SP Bhuker also said,"We have come to know that matches have been live-streamed in Meerut also and talks were on for including other sports like volleyball."

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