About Us

CricketPrediction.com is an online cricket betting advice portal built with one fundamental objective – to ensure that fans of the sport based in India can get access to the best possible information related to matches and major tournaments taking place across the globe. The website is owned and operated by a limited liability company.

Cricket as a sport has developed so much in recent years, with both the red ball and white ball versions of the game becoming increasingly popular. Furthermore, with so many thrilling international and domestic competitions now taking place, there has never been a more exciting time to follow the action.

CricketPrediction.com has a new approach compared to similar betting and comparison sites. The team behind this site uses the latest tools and techniques to provide quality betting tips to both those with experience of betting and beginners in the area.

To put it plainly, the team we boast at CricketPrediction.com consists of the world’s best cricket betting tipsters, and they all make use of scientific and data-driven analytic systems to make accurate suggestions about how the action may play out. There are no hunches here, finely tuned tips created using a statistics-first approach.

Our key qualities

Key aspects of our service which benefit from this include our Today Cricket Match Predictions, which are published 48 hours before the game in question. During busy tournaments like the Indian Premier League, we will always ensure our information is available at least 24 hours ahead of the next match.

There is more to our service than just providing the very best cricket betting tips out there. We carefully monitor the latest developments emerging within both the cricketing world and the betting industry in general. We want to ensure that you get access to the best possible services and support. Even though we include tracking links for our sportsbooks- and gaming operators, our suggestions are always reliable and reflect true opinions.

Constantly be careful who to trust when it comes to cricket betting. Some brands can be fully trusted, while others not. Always play safe and secure experience.

With all that in mind, take a look at the latest odds and information we have gathered on the biggest matches taking place across the globe? A whole world of excitement undoubtedly awaits, and we’ve done our best to ensure you have a great chance of winning big.