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Today best BBL match predictions assessing every game in the series. Follow our betting tips and become a winner on BBL.

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Free BBL Betting Tips by Experts

Speak to people about betting in the Big Bash League and according to a few, it is all down to luck. Whilst we cannot deny that T20 cricket can be unpredictable, and this is the reason why we love it so much, we would also have to disagree and show you how we take the large majority of luck out of it and often predict the right results.

The BBL expert tipsters that we have are always calling the action on in this cricket tournament. Have grown up watching cricket from a young age in India. Indeed, our experts grew up watching the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble starring for India - could there be a finer introduction to the world of cricket? The passion for the game that our leading experts have grown up with has now been transformed into producing the best BBL bet predictions as well as for other cricket betting tips which they are able to make a living from; here's how.

First off, we don’t just suck any old prediction out the air when it comes to BBL betting. Our experts use a mathematical and statistical approach to identify the most likely outcome. We run our own prediction models close to 100 million times in order to produce the most accurate probabilities for the various BBL markets we offer.

From there, the computer automatically converts the betting market outcomes into real-life odds. The next step is to generate comparison reports in order to highlight the best betting tips and needless to say, our model only flags the BBL betting tips with the greatest expected value.

Once we have generated an extremely thorough prediction with the help of our statistical approach, we then hand the final say to our expert tipster who will use many years of cricket betting knowledge to help predict the final outcome. Whether it be expected line ups or the varying conditions, our man will cast his eye over the game and give his expert opinion on the likely outcome.

Who will win today's BBL match?


The first innings of a cricket game is the key to interpreting how the match will end up going. There is so much information to use when it comes to the first innings of a game as we can tell what type of pitch we are dealing with and whether it is easy to score on or not. With all this information, we are able to make extremely accurate predictions on who will win the game. The old adage always goes, don’t judge a pitch until both teams have batted and this is why the first innings is so vital to our model when predicting who will win.


One big over is all it takes for the tide to turn in a T20 game. We’re well aware of that and that is why we monitor the overs so carefully when making the calls on who will win. The bottom line is, if you’re leaking runs then the game will quickly get away from a team, having said that, the same can also be said for a very good over.

Maiden overs in T20 are like hen's teeth so if a bowler, let’s say the impressive Rashid Khan who plays for the Adelaide Strikers, is keeping it exceptionally tidy with ball in hand and manages to bowl a few maidens, we think that will dramatically sway the game in his team’s favour.


Cricket is a funny game, the batting team can be going along like a locomotive without brakes only for one or two deliveries to pass the outside edge and bring back the element of doubt again. We’re eagle-eyed and watching this unfold at all times. If we feel a certain bowler is putting the ball in the right place then history tells us that a wicket is likely to fall soon.


It only takes a second for a wicket to fall and that’s why it is the biggest factor when deciding who will win a game. In fact, in the space of just three balls, a game can be turned on its head as Rashid Khan proved when he took a hat-trick for the Adelaide Strikers against the Sydney Sixers.

History tells us that when wickets fall at constant intervals, a team is not likely to post a big score and should be beaten because of it.


Our experts are able to tell straight away what the outcome of victory is just by having a look at what target has been set. Should it be below 120 then it’s fair to say that the odds will be stacked heavily in favour of the team chasing, but on the other hand, if a team notches up more than 200 than we know that they have a great chance of defending it, and the odds will be adjusted accordingly.

We can also gauge how the pitch is behaving and what to expect when the chasing team comes out to bat having seen the target. You will, however, every now and then get a freak result when it comes to a certain target. Who can forget Afghanistan stopping the mighty West Indies from chasing 124, but that is sport and we know that every so often it can produce a result for the books - but more on how lightning can sometimes strike twice further down the page.


Utilising a powerplay correctly will get any team on the fast track to winning and we know just as much. Basically, a team has six overs to bat as aggressively as they want because only two fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle. You could say that games are won or lost during the powerplay as teams dragging their heels are likely to fall behind the rate and put themselves behind the eight ball. Going at less than seven to the over will see the odds of a win for the bowling team fall drastically.


Explosive batsmen are able to grab a game by the scruff of the neck and get their team over the winning line. Our experts are well aware of the power that players like Glenn Maxwell, Quinton de Kock, and Martin Guptill have. These are world-class performers and when they are playing the odds will always favour the batting team to put on a dominant display.

There is no boundary big enough for these types of performers and the list of the biggest sixes ever hit in international cricket history will tell you that. It’s probably worth mentioning that none other than Shahid ‘Boom Boom’ Afridi sits at the top of that list with a six that measured 158m.


Miserly bowlers are the antidote to powerful batsmen but there are only a handful of bowlers around the world that are able to tame these beasts. We have a list of the very best bowlers in the BBL league and adjust our BBL betting tips accordingly when they are playing. We look for a brilliant economy as well as strike rate before favouring a certain bowler to do well.

For instance, we won’t be backing a bowler like Kasun Rajitha, the Sri Lankan who bowled the most expensive spell in T20 history after he went for an eye-watering 75 runs in his four overs against Australia.


Partnerships are all about teamwork and that is why we value them so highly when preparing our BBL match predictions. A good partnership, whether with bat or ball, makes all the

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