Gloucestershire vs Surrey match prediction 8 Apr 2021

County Championship
Match date • 8 Apr 2021 • 15:30 IST
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GLO vs SUR Match Predictions and Betting Tips

The 6th match of the County Championship 2021 is scheduled to take place between Gloucestershire and Surrey. The match will take place at County Ground in Bristol on 8 April. I have the top GLO vs SUR match predictions and betting tips sorted out for you.

The last season of the County Championship was postponed due to the pandemic. The County Championship did not take place last year but the Bob Willis Trophy took its place and was won by Essex. This time both Gloucestershire and Surrey fall in division 2. In County Championships 2019, both Gloucestershire and Surrey were in different divisions. In fact, the two teams last played head to head in a First-Class match in 2015. Even though we don't have any recent data of the teams facing head to head, we have selected the top GLO vs SUR Match Predictions with the help of our AI. These are the best tips you should consider putting your money on the game to win a lot of money.

GLO vs SUR Player Bets

The two teams might not have winning team betting markets, but there are quite a lot of players you can make money off of. I have picked the top three GLO vs SUR player betting tips for you.

Graeme Van Beuren to score under 20.5 runs

The 30-year-old bowling All rounder from Gloucestershire is our first bet to go for the day. Graeme Van Beuren has played a total of 97 First Class innings in his career with 2872 runs from them. While this averages to 33.73, his performance isn't nearly as good. Graeme Van Beuren played in all 5 matches for Gloucestershire. He did score over the target in 3 of the 8 innings he played, but this time he is going to be facing Surrey in group 2 who are tougher opponents.

The last time he played in the County Championship, he only managed to score over the target in 1 of 6 1st innings he came out to bat in. This was in 2019 where he scored a total of 138 runs from the 1st innings (93, 1, 0, 12, 17, 9, 15). We can see how one good knock by the batsman can skew his average. This is why we have to be wary of betting on the average and bet on the player instead. While the two teams faced a while back, this is a clearly winning GLO vs SUR match prediction. You can make this bet at with odds of 1.85 for Graeme Van Beuren to score under 20.5 runs.

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Ben Foakes to score over 30.5 runs in the 1st team innings

The second bet is for the wicket-keeper from the Surrey team who rose to the national team by delivering consistently. Ben Foakes has played 114 First-Class matches to date. He has scored 5779 runs from them, at an average of 38.03. He played 4 innings in the Bob Willis Trophy last year and scored 227 runs, at an average of 75.67. In the previous County Championship, Ben Foakes played a total of 23 innings and scored 575 runs. This averages 26.13 but his first innings play was much better.

In fact, Ben Foakes hit a total of 447 runs from the 1st innings of the 13 matches in the last season. This averages 37.25 and he scored over the target in 8 games. While this was when Gloucestershire was in the 2nd division and Surrey was in the 1st division. This time around with both the teams playing in the same group after 6 years, Ben Foakes is bound to score over the target. This is another one of the top GLO vs SUR betting tips. has offered odds of 1.85 for Ben Foakes to score over 30.5 runs.

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Mark Stoneman to score under 26.5 runs

The last bet I have for you is for another top Batsman from Surrey, who was the second-highest run-scorer for his team last season. Why do we under bet him despite that you might ask? It's because he demonstrated in the Bob Willis Trophy, just how out of form he is. He scored a total of 106 runs from 8 innings in the season. This averages to 13.25 which is half the required target. While his play in the second innings was abysmal (2, 21, 5, 45), he didn't fare better in the 1st innings as well. He scored over teh target only once in the 8 innings he played in the Bob Willis Trophy.

Even if we look at Mark Stoneman's play in the previous season of the County Championship, despite being one of the top batsmen, he failed multiple times in the first innings. From the 13 innings, he scored under the target in 6 innings in 2019 and got out on a duck twice. I have already told you about his form last year, which basically means, Mark Stoneman scored over the target only thrice in his last 10 first innings. This is another great GLO vs SUR betting tip., yet again, has offered odds of 1.85 for Mark Stoneman to score under 26.5 runs in the 1st innings.

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My Picks

Graeme Van Beuren to score under 20.5 runs - @1.85 (

Ben Foakes to score over 30.5 runs - @1.85 (

Mark Stoneman to score under 26.5 runs- @1.85 (

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