Northamptonshire vs Kent match prediction 8 Apr 2021

County Championship
Match date • 8 Apr 2021 • 15:30 IST
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NOR vs KEN Match Predictions and Betting Tips

Northamptonshire and Kent will commence the 1st match of the County Cricket Championship on April 8. This game will take place at the County Ground in Northampton. I have the top NOR vs KEN betting tips sorted out for you.

Northamptonshire and Kent have been in different divisions since 2018. In the Bob Willis trophy last season, Northamptonshire was a part of the Central Group. Kent Cricket Team were a part of the South Group with the champions of the season, Essex. The two teams have a vast difference in their skill sets and Kents are the clear forerunners in this game. The oddsmakers agree and have given Kent odds of just 1.54 to win, which is quite a certain bet. However, with the game close to commencement, I have picked the most lucrative winning bets from the game so you can win some cash. Take a look at the top NOR vs KEN head to head match predictions I have collated for you.

NOR vs KEN Player Bets

Almost all the players from these teams have been scoring low since the last couple of seasons in the County Championship. This gives us some unique winning bets from the game to capitalize on. Take a look at the top NOR vs KEN player betting tips.

Joe Denly to score over 28.5 runs

The first bet is for the Kent cricketer who has just kept stepping up the pedal, ever since he played his first game in 2004. Joe Denly has played a total of 366 FC innings in his career and scored 12474 runs from them. This averages 36.58 where he has 29 centuries and 63 half-centuries in his first-class career. Joe Denly has played for a myriad of teams and tournaments in his illustrious career, and as such has not been available for every match of the County Championship. Although when he does come to play, he does not fail to impress us. In the previous season, he played only one match of the Bob Willis Trophy and scored 89 runs from his only innings.

If we look at his play in the year before that, he came out to bat in 6 games in County 2019. From the 11 innings, he scored 504 runs at an average of 56.00. This bodes really well for the top-order batsman, and we can expect him to play well against Northamptonshire in the upcoming game. In fact, Joe Denly got selected for the English International Test Squad in 2019 too. He has scored 827 runs from the 15 matches played for them, at an average of 29.53. If he plays at that average for the English squad, his play is definitely going to be better than that in the county game. This is one of the top NOR vs KEN betting tips from the game. has offered odds of 1.85 for Joe Denly to score over 28.5 runs.
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Daniel Bell Drummond to score over 24.5 runs

The second bet is for another top-order batsman from Kent, who has consistently come out on top with his bat. DJ Bell-Drummond played 5 games in the Bob Willis Trophy and scored 185 runs from the 9 innings he played in the games. While this averages at 23.12, his first innings play was better than this. He scored a total of 127 runs from his first innings in the 5 games, at an average of 25.4. This is just marginally above par, but we have to keep in consideration that Northamptonshire is from a different division, and Drummond would have better play against them.

In the last season of the County Championship, DJ Bell-Drummond scored a total of 892 runs from 14 games. He was the top-scorer for his team and averaged 35.68 from 26 innings. In the season, DJ Bell-Drummond scored 243 runs from the 1st innings of his last 5 matches. This averaged 48.6 and he scored over the target in 4 of the 5 matches. This is another one of the winning NOR vs KEN match predictions. has offered odds of 1.85 for Daniel Bell Drummond to score over 24.5 runs in the game.

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Charlie Thurston to score under 22.5 runs

The last bet is for the Northamptonshire player who debuted in 2016 for Loughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University. Charlie Thurston played his first season for Northamptonshire in the Bob Willis Trophy last year. He has played 13 FC matches in his career, and scored 593 runs from the 18 innings. This averages 32.94,but as we have learnt, we should not just trust averages from the get go. The opener was pretty inconsistent in the Bob Willis trophy too, and while he was the top scorer for his team, he wasn't able to cross the target a lot. Charlie Thurston scored 357 runs from 8 innings last year, at an average of 44.62. He was able to score over the target 23 runs just once in the 1st innings.

Thurston scored a total of 152 runs (115, 21, 1, 15) from the 4 1st innings he came to bat. His score against Glamorgan was 115, and he scored under the target in the 1st innings in all the other games. Now that he is going to be facing Kent's strong bowling squad, he is more likely to stumble under duress. have offered odds of 1.85 for Charlie Thurston to score under 22.5 runs.

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My Picks

Joe Denly to score over 28.5 runs - @1.85 (

Daniel Bell Drummond to score over 24.5 runs - @1.85 (

Charlie Thurston to score under 22.5 runs - @1.85 (