16 Jul 2022 shivani

1xBet player wins almost $350,000 on two accumulator bets

Success stories come in all shapes and sizes. Some people inherit from wealthy relatives, others work diligently for decades until they get richer, while some just love sport and bet on 1xBet. The latter group includes a Latin American player named Axel, who became almost $350,000 richer in the summer of 2022.

How did he achieve it? Let’s take a point-by-point look:

Step one: He registered on 1xBet, which is the easiest thing to do - thousands of people around the world do it every day.

Step two: He selected the events for an accumulator type bet consisting of 9 events. And then, just a few days later, put together another wager with 10 events. The task is a little more difficult than registering, but also feasible for everyone.

It should also be noted that the odds of each event in the first bet were not that big - from 1.244 to 2.444. This is because there were no unlikely outcomes, which many fans hope to get higher odds on. The second wager was a bit more daring, as the winnings of the first one enabled more risk, but the odds were also in the range of 1.29-2.44.

The third and most crucial step was to place the bets. The first bet was for a solid amount of $1,000, and the second was for $700.

Here is what these accumulators looked like:

Accumulator bet #1

Accumulator bet #2

The win on the first accumulator was $148,640, the second was $194,338.65. The total was $342,978 and change. Fans like to say the opponents of their favourite team are lucky when they manage something unusual. But in this case, while luck was needed, it was also about skill.

Step four and the most enjoyable - to get the money. This was easy for Axel to do as well.

It should be noted that he placed his bets on the web version of the 1xBet website, but players can also place bets via the app of the reliable bookmaker. It is up to everyone to choose their own ways to win. And while lucky Axel is getting ready to spend his honestly earned money - who knows, maybe the next winner is already getting ready to place their bet.

Will you be that winner? With 1xBet, anything is possible.

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