15 Jun 2020

8 Arrested in Goa Raid on Online Gambling Shop

Goa police arrest eight in raid on suspected online gambling den

Goa police arrested eight people in a raid on a suspected online gambling den on Saturday.

A shop at Kolvalkar Plaza was the target and police said in an official release that articles worth Rs. 6.4 lakhs had been seized.

Brothers Ajay and Akshay Karjol have been arrested for conducting online gambling activities, with the other six detained for engaging in illegal activities. The investigation is ongoing.

No further information was forthcoming from the police, and there was no indication of what type of online gambling was allegedly taking place.

The photo the Goa police put out led to much ridicule on social media, with many joking about the apparent use of plastic bags with holes in them to mask the suspect's identity.

By law, the penalty for being caught gambling online has been a fine of Rs.90,000 per day since 2009, but this is rarely enforced.

Periodic police action against underground gambling establishments and bookmakers is nothing new. In May 2019, Jaipur police arrested two betting kingpins who it was alleged had taken Rs. 3,000 crores of bets during the start of the IPL season

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