29 Dec 2021 faisan

A cabby from Kerala lucked in with lottery worth Rs 40 Crore

When luck is on your side, life-changing things can happen. Renjith Somarajan, a 37-year-old Kerala man working as a driver in Dubai has hit a jackpot by winning 20 million dirham (Rs 40 crore) in a raffle draw in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Ranjit Somaranjan, has been buying lottery tickets for the past three years without any luck. But this time, his stars aligned perfectly. He said that he never dreamed of winning the lottery with first prize, but he only hoped to win the second or third prize.

According to a report in Khaleej Times, he was at a place near the Abu Dhabi mosque when he got the good news. The organisers also shared a post dedicated to Mr Somarajan on Facebook. "Congratulations to Renjith Somarajan, from India, with winning ticket no. 349886. He won AED 20 Million in The Mighty 20 Million series 229," it read. However, there’s a catch here. The winning amount will be shared between 10 people, Somarajan and his nine other friends. The group had brought the tickets together, so the whole amount will be divided among all those who contributed. The group includes people from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Each of them had contributed 100 dirhams each to buy the ticket, which was bought in Somranjan’s name.

“I have been here since 2008. I worked as a driver with Dubai Taxi and different companies. Last year, I worked as driver-cum-salesman with a company but with my salary deduction, it was a difficult life," he added.

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