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23 Mar 2021 faisan

ASCI directs TORF to remove ads of Rummy websites claiming "No Bots" on their platform

The Advertising Standards Council of India has asked The Online Rummy Federation to act on a "misleading" advertisement where the advert claimed that online rummy sites certified by it do not have any bots.

Following a complaint by Vishal Gondal, CEO of wearables company GOQii who also backs nCore Games, the council concluded that this claim is "inadequately substantiated and is misleading by exaggeration" and have asked them to change or remove it by March 30.

The advert showed an adult man was frustrated for constantly losing online rummy games, which made him believe that bots were in action. However, then the real winner showed up and admitted that he's been defeating the person all the while, further adding that rummy websites certified by TORF do not have any bots. The Advertisement further stated that TORF members are required to verify themselves by submitting identification proof.

However, Gondal complained to ASCI that TORF's claims of "no bots" cannot be authenticated for it is owned by the very rummy companies that the ad is defending. Given there is no third-party or independent verification of the presence of bots, that can be misleading which led to ASCI asking TORF to take immediate action.

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