1 Mar 2021 faisan

‘Avid Rummy players’ Send Defamation Notice To FAU-G Developer For Calling Rummy A Form Of Gambling

Vishal Gondal, founder of N-Core Games which created the Akshay Kumar-endorsed FAU-G, recently wrote a column for a website where he called out the situation of Indian Online Rummy Industry and how the gambling is deeply taking roots in India in the shade of “skill-based gaming”.

Gondal has been a thorough reader of the gaming industry and voices his opinions on a regular basis on social media platforms. Recently after he wrote the article, received six legal notices, all sent within a few days, as the notice clearly stated that his article and some of his tweets had ruined their reputations in the society.

Newslaundry did a detailed examination of the notices sent to Gondal, with few of the claims seeming bizzare to say the least. A reputed Rummy player revealed that his family is treating him like “nobody” after the article is published and has “shunned” him after they read the article.

Another player called Siraj Khan has claimed that “sterling character apart from a clean credit history” but once the article was published, he has lost contact from the peer group, which has brought a halt to his “business ambitions” and “bringing venture capitalists to the set up”.

The publication further reported that they have used almost similar languages in all the notices sent to Gondal, with three of six notices starting with “honest tax-paying citizen of India” and another couple of notices starting with “reputed person/personality with a good image in the society”.

“There are apps that let people indulge in gambling but they call them something else. They are calling them ‘Real Money Gaming’, which is a made up term by this industry,” Gondal explained in the interview to Newslaundry.

“Gambling is prohibited in varying degrees all across the country,” he said. “So when I called these apps a form of gambling it was bound to cause some heartburn.”

It must be noted that Gondal is one of the oldest players in the Indian gaming sector and his first entrepreneurial venture, IndiaGames was sold to the Walt Disney Company.

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