22 Jun 2020

Government to Discuss Rules Regulating Casinos in Goa

Pramod Sawant to review Goa casino rules

A decision on the rules regulating casinos in Goa looks likely to be delayed after Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has sought a detailed discussion on the rules before any judgement is finalised.

A senior government official said a decision will take place after the coronavirus situation is brought under control.

Since February 2020, only Goans employed in casinos can enter them, with the state government appointing a gaming commissioner to monitor casinos and check if locals are violating the rules.

In April, all Goa casinos were shut down and will not reopen anytime soon. Now it is clear that the rules pertaining to the role of gaming commissioner - which had been sent to the law department for vetting - have now been recalled and sent back to the chief minister.

Sawant has said that until the rules are ratified, tourists will be permitted to enter casinos when they reopen, but action will be taken against Goans caught gambling.

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