17 Aug 2022 faisan

China will host the 2022 BRICS Games from September 2022

The BRICS Games will be held online September 1-30, with athletes from China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa competing in three events – breakdancing, chess and wushu.

China will be hosting the games of the 14th BRICS Summit in June. China's sports minister Gao Zhidan said an online version of the games can enhance mutual understanding and people-to-people exchanges among participating countries in an innovative and safe way.

The organisers launched the games' official website on Wednesday as the portal for registration, video uploads, scoring, judging and results announcements, as reported by the Economic Times.

Besides three competitive events, traditional sports, including yoga from India, dragon boat racing from China and jiu jitsu from Brazil, are also demonstrated on the website. Professional athletes and enthusiasts can upload videos on the website and interact with each other. Official registration for the competitions begins on August 15.

"I believe the 2022 BRICS Games will play a unique role in improving BRICS sports development and promoting understanding and friendship in the BRICS sports community and among BRICS peoples, and contribute to fostering high-quality partnership and embarking on a new journey of BRICS cooperation through the power of sports," Gao said in a speech posted on the Games' official website.

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