26 Jul 2019 sebbe

Goa MLAs demand reservation for locals in casino jobs

Babush Monserrate

Legislators in the Goa assembly discussed reservation for locals in casinos and other industrial units in the state, as per local media reports.

The issue was raised in the house by Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MLA Churchill Alemao who demanded 80 per cent job reservation for Goan youths in the casino industry.

Alemao said that the state government should intervene and ensure that Goan youths, who are trained in the field of hospitality and hotel management, get an opportunity to work in the casino industry. He said despite Goan youth being willing to work in the casinos, majority of workforce employed in casinos are from North Eastern states.

“I can understand that you want the Casino industry as it helps the State’s exchequer earn the revenue. But at the same time, they should provide 80 per cent of employment opportunities to Goans. Our Goan youth are willing and ready to work on casinos but the casino operators are not employing them.” he said. Alemao said that there is no job in this industry that Goans can’t do.

“Our youth are trained well in all those services that are provided in the casinos. If jobs are reserved for locals, it will help in solving the major issue of unemployment to certain extent,” he is said to have stated on the floor of the house.

Panaji MLA Atanasio ‘Babush’ Monserrate supported Alemao and added, “Almost 75 per cent working on casinos are outsiders. The casino operators advertise in national and international papers,” he charged.

Seeking an inquiry into the recruitments in the casinos, Monserrate challenged the govt to prove that even 7 per cent of those employed on casinos are Goans and called on the govt to take immediate action.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, however while discussing a law introduced by the Andhra Pradesh legislature to reserve 80 per cent employment opportunities in industrial units for residents of the state noted that such a law cannot stand test of the constitution and will be struck down by courts.

He however stated that the state government is in the process of training the youth as per the industry requirement through department of Skill Development.

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