29 Dec 2021 faisan

Group of 9 alleged online cricket bettors arrested in Hyderabad

Hyderabad police took 9 individuals in custody for allegedly being involved in online betting during the ongoing cricket match on Monday. Upon receiving information that tipped them off about the racket, the Crime Branch was quick to act on it and managed to capture the alleged group of bettors.

The incident took place at the office of HBJ and Associates at the Phoenix Complex in Navrangpura. The Detection of Crime Branch unit raided the location and took in its custody residents of Shahibaug, Isanpur and Nava Vadaj namely Harshit Jain, Chitan Bhandekar, Omprakash Rajput, Satish Parihar, Sunil Detroja, Ankit Mandora, Rakesh Rajdev, Ajay Sengar and Kamal Malkhani.

An FIR was filed, which stated that the officials found open betting websites on the two laptops found at the scene in the hands of Satish Parihar.

“Parihar was logged in as an administrator on that laptop. In the other laptop, we found names of the clients who had placed the bets and the amounts they had pledged. We found the administrator id and password from Sengar who had got the employees to open various ids and was circulating it among those who wished to place bets,” the police said in their statement, as reported by the Times of India.

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