2 Oct 2020 shivani

Gujarat High Court Reserves Order on PIL Seeking Ban on Online Rummy

On Tuesday, the Gujarat High Court reserved its order on a PIL seeking ban on online gambling, particularly the game of rummy.

The PIL was filed by advocate Amit Nair who urged the Gujarat High Court to declare gambling through virtual channels or online gambling through mobile and computers illegal. The PIL stressed on the game of online rummy in particular, among other online gambling activities, to be declared illegal and in violation of the Gujarat Prevention of Gambling Act.

The petitioner has highlighted in the PIL that the present law in the state does not clearly regulate online gambling.

Nair’s lawyer Bhargav Hasurkar has contended that with the advent of new technology the dangers posed by gambling have only increased. The PIL even highlighted that during the lockdown due to COVID-19 online gambling rose by 21 percent.

It is clarified that the petition is filed against the gambling aspect of online gaming and not online gaming per se. It is highlighted that various online ads promoting rummy pop up on mobile apps and social media. These advertisements entice people with sign up bonuses and credits and with the idea of chances of winning lakhs of rupees. Even film stars have been signed up to endorse such gambling platforms.

On 25th August, the Andhra Pradesh government banned online gambling games like rummy, poker, fantasy sports.

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