9 Jan 2013

How should law deal with gambling addiction?

gambling addiction russia

What should the government do when gambling addict citizens are throwing away their money and property on gambling, and probably hurting their family or children in the process?

A new law recently passed in Russia has a provision for declaring gambling addicts as incompetent, in the same way as alcohol or drug addicts. If someone is found to be a gambling addict and put his/her family in a difficult financial situation for the same, close relatives can seek guardianship from a court and get control over financial matters of the gambling addict including his income and property. In India, similar treatment is prescribed by law if a person is found to be of unsound mind.

Russia has declared a war on gambling, and has banned all gambling activities since 2009 in the country except in four legal gambling zones in Siberia.

Do you think this is a positive step or too much restriction on individual freedom? Is such a law desirable in India, if that would mean social gambling can be decriminalized?

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