11 Apr 2021 faisan

Hunter Games Raise Undisclosed Funds From Singapore And India Investors

Gamification platform Hunter Games have raised an undisclosed amount as angel funding from multiple investors from Singapore and India led by Rajiv Punater, a serial entrepreneur. Amit Dey, managing director of Gmobi, MCarbon and Device Book also participated in the investment round.

It seems like this is the time of huge amounts of funding in the sports and gaming industry and Hunter Games have become the latest company to enter the race. The company, founded by Dushyant Saraswat, Shaunak Naik and Gargi Srivastava, is still one of the new products in the industry but have made impressive progress so far.

Said Saraswat, founder and CEO of Hunter Games, "We are all hardcore revenue folks and there is one thing we believe in: only engaged users can generate revenue... This funding round will help us grow our team around our product, tech and accelerate our distribution into western markets from our current play in South Asia."

Rajiv Punater said, “Gaming is the sunrise industry and we are very excited about our partnership with the team at Hunter Games with their unique talent pool and we are excited about the upcoming phenomenal growth plans ahead”.

Shaunak Naik said, "From all the available content options available today, games are a powerful way to create a lean-forward engaged moment and gamification for commerce outcomes is a new way of monetisation for hyper-casual gaming content and we are excited to be leading that charge.

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