17 Apr 2021 faisan

Hyderabad police arrests three members for running a betting racket

Hyderabad Police’s special Task-force has arrested three members of an IPL betting racket which they were operating from a hotel in Somajiguda. In the process, they recovered Rs 40,000 cash & four cell phones from their possession.

Three accused going by the names of Sharath Agarwal (29), Ankith Shah (28), and Rohit Agarwal (33). The Hyderabad North Zone task force raided the hotel in Somajiguda and arrested the trio while they were indulged in betting.

According to police, Sharath came in contact with a bookie and obtained details of a betting app to obtain live ball-to-ball betting details. DCP P Radhakishan Rao revealed that Sharath, along with his associates, has been conducting betting on IPL matches, for some time and busting of the racket will give them access to many other links.

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