18 Feb 2021 faisan

Madhya Pradesh Government Fails To Deliver Their Plans To Tackle Gambling And Online Betting

In the wake of various states putting a blanket ban on gambling, a petition was filed in Madhya Pradesh High Court regarding the stance of Madhya Pradesh government on the matter but the government failed to give any answer immediately.

Last month, Tamil Nadu government put up a blanket ban on real-money gambling applications with Kerala and Karnataka working on bringing a legislation that would regulate the online gaming sector.

Taking a cue from the same, Abhijeet Malviya filed a petition in Madhya Pradesh High Court stating that companies are motivating people to gamble through mobile applications and websites which has a negative effect on all sections of society and people of all ages.

While hearing the case, the High Court asked the government to share its stance, however, the latter failed to provide any inputs. The government lawyer further asked some time to share their stance. The case will now be heard in the first week of April.

The issue regarding gambling and online betting has become a hot issue in the last few months after Tamil Nadu Govt. brought in a law to completely ban online games in the state. Following in the footsteps, neighbouring state Karnataka, whose state capital is one of the hubs for the online gaming market, was preparing to bring a law to regulate the sector that has its own hazardous downsides.

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