31 Dec 2021 faisan

MPL advances support to game developers with new SDK

Mobile Premier League, Asia’s largest skill gaming platform, announced the release of an advanced Software Development Kit for game developers on Tuesday, the 28th of December, as a part of its continued mission to strengthen the community. The package will enable developers to publish their games on platforms such as the Google Playstore, Apple Store and the company’s own MPL Pro app without much hassle, as reported by the Times of India.

"This builds on the SDK's proven capabilities to monetise games via pay-to-play tournaments on the MPL app. Game developers can now focus on what they love: building a highly engaging and differentiated e experience, while leveraging MPL's developer platform and maintaining only a single build across Playstore/ Appstore and MPL app," Vibhav Viswanathan, Vice president of Product Development at MPL was reported saying.

A key feature of the release is the inherent support for large scale eSports tournaments in the games developed through the SDK. Mr. Viswanathan claimed that the developers will have access to 90 million users through the SDK, enabling them to test varying competitive gaming formats while the gamers themselves level up and become acclaimed at the games. Such eSports tournaments would help boost the reach and revenue of the gaming titles, ensuring their retention in the market in the longer haul.

"Challenges in building the community around multiplayer games can be easily solved by this SDK which is light weight and does not consume a lot of bandwidth from the players. This results in stronger retention and support in user acquisition activity more importantly building a competitive and fun environment," Vamshi Krishna, the Chief Technical Officer of game-developer YesGnome testified along similar lines.

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