17 Apr 2021 faisan

MPL launches ‘Hai Akal Khelo MPL’ campaign for IPL 2021 with Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the face of Mobile Premier League’s campaign for the 2021 Indian Premier League, ‘Hai Akal Khelo MPL’ on TV and digital media platforms across the country.

The brand has created the movie to keep the human brain as the protagonist, trying to share the campaign that the brain or ‘Akal’ (intellect) can create a fantasy team on MPL with their knowledge of Cricket. Especially in a time with so much discourse regarding the legalization of Real Money Gaming, ‘Hai Akal Khelo MPL’ focuses to clean the confusion among the fantasy sports players.

The leading OFS platform has released as many as seven films in the campaign, of which three are already live while the rest will follow the course of the IPL. The first three films are based on the age-old Hindi language sayings “Akal badi ya bhains”, “Akal ke dushman”, and “Dimaag ghaas charne gaya hai”. Veteran actor Vijay Raaz is doing the films’ voice-overs while Kohli comes at the end to ask people to download the Mobile Application.

“This IPL, we decided to go back to the basics of Fantasy Cricket- which is to make the best possible team by using your knowledge of the game and your thinking skills. By giving the human brain its own manifestation as a protagonist and by using some very well-known Hindi sayings that we can all relate to, we hope these films resonate with the masses. The initial response has been very kind and encouraging and we hope the audiences love all seven films in this campaign,” said Abhishek Madhavan, Senior Vice President, Growth and Marketing, MPL.

Navin Talreja, Founding Partner of The Womb, the agency that created the campaign, added: “Passion and love for the game of cricket can at best make someone a great fan of the game. But to play the game either in real life or in the form of fantasy one needs skill. Skill in the form of strong analytical skills and strategic abilities to create the best teams game after game. Our attempt was to bring this alive by creating the brain itself as a device. The campaign uses popular idioms associated with the brain to generate popular appeal.”

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