11 Oct 2022 faisan

MPL to reward security researchers upto Rs 10 Lakh through its new Bug Bounty programme

India’s largest esports and mobile gaming platform, MPL has launched a new Bug Bounty programme. The company will reward up to Rupees 10 Lakh to security researchers for finding a valid vulnerability in the app. The programme aims to strengthen the security of the users to provide a safe and fair gameplay experience. The offer is open to researchers globally and reports that address valid security vulnerabilities within the scope of the programme will be eligible for rewards and recognitions.

"The programme will reward security researchers up to Rs 10 lakhs for successfully identifying a valid vulnerability on MPL. With the Bug Bounty programme, MPL will not just focus on identifying security vulnerabilities but will also make targeted efforts in devising a timely resolution to tackle them," MPL said as reported by TOI.

Through this Bug Bounty program, the company targets to identify security vulnerabilities and will also make targeted efforts to try and find a timely solution. Earlier, cyber security researchers in India found several critical vulnerabilities in the system through which the personal data of the users were getting exposed on a regular basis.

The company also said that the Bug Bounty programme does not restrict its scope to just security vulnerabilities. But also allows researchers to find any loopholes in the system that can give a player an unfair advantage.

“The programme encourages reports on instances that can enable a player to compromise with the gameplay or the outcomes, like win a game without playing, alter the gameplay or even post outrageous scores. Along with this, reporting of any vulnerability that can target the users on the platform, like taking over user accounts or dumping userdata also falls within the scope of the programme," the esports firm said as reported by TOI.

Founded in 2018, Mobile Premier League (MPL) is India’s largest esports and mobile gaming platform that offers 60+ games in categories such as fantasy sports, puzzle games, card games etc. At present it has over 9 crore plus users across Asia, Europe and North America playing real money games such as Chess, Rummy, 8 ball Pool etc.

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