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Now watch esports on big screens as PVR seals the deal with NODWIN

PVR launched the country’s first in-cinema e-sports live tournaments and will screen Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) which is also known as the Indian version of the popular game PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds). The company noticed the shifted tilt towards the gaming community in the country and looked to facilitate the cross over customers, who will visit the theatre to watch films and games and has tied up with NODWIN Gaming. PVR has initiated a pilot with a launch in four cities where the viewers can visit and watch the live streams of various BGMI competitive squads after the game gained a lot of popularity in the country. You can find these initial setups in Gurugram, Indore, Hyderabad and Mumbai

The gamers would complete the initial round on mobile and then quarter, semis and final would be played in the cinema hall and the game would be live-streamed on the big screens, Gianchandani added as reported by Outlook India.

"We are trying to marry the big screen experience with the passion gaming," Gianchandani told PTI. This is a "lethal" combination and a long road for growing. The first round of the championship would be held on October 7 at PVR Ambience at Gurugram, he said.

"We wanted to offer a distinct experience to our viewers. We were getting a lot of feedback from our existing customers, where they have asked as to when we would bring the gaming to the theatre," Gianchandani added.

The gaming industry thrived in the recent years, especially during the pandemic where they capitalized over the home-ridden teenagers and young adults. They plan to provide a full fledged experience to the audience starting with mirroring the player’s device to help you get a first person perspective of the gamer with various production value add-ons. The revenue potential of this venture is massive including the money it will bring from various sponsors. Various independent gaming channels previously hosted the broadcast of these tournaments wherein PVR wants to license the broadcasting rights and seal in as the official broadcaster of BGMI competitive scenario in India.

"There would be commentary, discussions along with graphics and trivia. There would be interesting music also. All of those sitting inside the auditorium would have a community experience with a big sound effect," he added.

While NODWIN Gaming MD & Co-Founder Akshat Rathee said: "Our association with PVR Cinemas opens a corridor towards mainstreaming e-sports and placing it right in the middle of the entertainment industry. E-sports as an upcoming medium of interactive entertainment has had its fair share of visibility in the jam-packed arenas but it's about time that we bring the action to the silver screen."

PVR currently has a cinema circuit comprising 849 screens in 72 cities of India and Sri Lanka. And with the situation turning positive each day, there is a positive anticipation of the cinema house audience.

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