17 Feb 2021 faisan

Poker broadcaster Aditya Wadhwani's appearance in Netflix special "The Big Day" gets people talking

Poker commentator Aditya Wadhwani made an appearance in the new Netflix show about weddings "The Big Day" which has got many people talking about the game more than ever.

With the rise of gaming profiling in India, Poker, an usual offline game, has taken the online gaming sector by storm and became a unified market in its own right. Among the poker players in India, Aditya Wadhwani's name rings a bell as one of the finest broadcasters.

Although Aditya doesn't enjoy as massive a following as WSOP's Lon McEachern, his appearance on "The Big Day" - a Netflix show that follows six couples ahead of their "big day" and charts the ups and downs of planning a wedding - got people talk about in an irresistible way.

As one of the featured couples on the show, Wadhwani and his now-wife, Gayeti Singh, revealed how they met at a Pitbull concert in 2012. Wadhwani also spoke about how he dropped out of university to pursue a full-time career in poker.
With Poker still being misunderstood at a large scale, there is a massive amount of PR being done to promote Poker as a game of skill. We should still make a note, that in states such as Gujrat, where gambling is illegal, there are regulatory efforts to curb the game, and much of the game is still under troubled waters.
While the promoters are trying to get the system running by calling it a sport, it is believed in the community that Wadhwani's appearance on The Big Day can add further weight to their plans to make poker a viable career option.

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