20 Jun 2019

Adda52 launches Responsible Gaming initiative

Adda52 Screen shot

Delta Corp owned online poker website Adda52 has announced that it has launched a new ‘Responsible Gaming’ feature on their website and mobile app.

In line with the responsible gaming facility available on internationally licensed gaming websites, users on Adda52 can now set limits on tables or stakes and self-exclude from playing on the website for a set period.

Through the stakes limit feature, players can set the table blind limits. After setting the limits, they will not be able to play at a table which is in excess of the imposed limit.

Once the limits are set, there is no option to increase or remove the limits for the next 7 days, however, the limits can always be decreased ensuring that players can abide by their decision of self- control. Additionally, players can also set the buy-in limits for the tournaments and SNGs. Once they set the limit, they will not be able to play any tournament or SNG whose buy-in is more than the set limit.

The website has also made a provision allowing players to exclude themselves from being allowed to access online poker, if they feel that they are getting addicted to the game and not able to devote time to their other routine activities.

Using this option, players can exclude themselves from depositing and playing any game on Adda52 by selecting the period for which they wish to be excluded from all gaming activities. Once self-excluded, they will be permitted to log on to the website, but not play any game including the free-to-play version.

Speaking on the launch of the feature, Kapil Arora, Product Head of Adda52 said, “Poker is a skill-based game that can be mastered with proper study and constant practice. Some people enjoy playing poker as a hobby and some people play it professionally. But there are a few players who could be irrational and spend more than necessary time on the game. Responsible gaming is a step towards inculcating discipline among the poker players.

It will help players to decide when and how to play the game in a responsible way, and how much money or time to spend at the tables. As a category leader, it is our duty to make the game as safe, ethical and secure as possible.”

Industry bodies such as the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), the Rummy Federation (TRF) and the Indian Federation for Sports Gaming (IFSG) have been advocating that all online gaming companies undertake responsible gaming and player protection measures and adopt certain player friendly policies.

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