17 Mar 2012

Mint newspaper cites glaws in cover story on poker

Leading Indian financial daily Mint has cited the website glaws.in and the author as an expert on gaming laws in their cover story in Lounge titled ‘Shuffle up and deal’ (March 17th 2012). The story on Mint about the growth of poker as a luxury brand has cited various revelations first written on this website.

The story has for the very first time reported that poker is legal in West Bengal by virtue of the West Bengal Prize Competition and Gambling Act 1957. This aspect was first revealed on this website in a post on 4th October 2011.

The report also discusses the website Adda52.com which is the first website to offer poker games from India and the legal ambiguities associated with the website operations.

Again the article in Mint has explored the skill v. chance debate involved in poker and also discussed in great detail the growth of poker as one of the most-played card games of India.

Note: The full text of this article can be accessed here.

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