6 Nov 2019

Quizistan: Where knowledge and cash go hand in hand

One of India’s fastest growing quiz platform “Quizistan” is happy to announce its new feature where players are allowed to play against each other 24*7 for real money. The feature is called “Challenge a friend” or “Challenge a Random Person”.

You can enter your friends username and send him a challenge. If you don’t have any friends online on Quizistan, you can send the challenge to a random person. You can challenge any amount ranging from Rs. 5 to Rs. 5,000, where 4 questions are asked and whoever gets more points wins the challenge and has an option to immediately withdraw the money to his/her Paytm account.

The new feature requires Team Quizistan to have a large pool of questions. They claim to have more than 3,00,000 questions of their own and have an in-house team of content writers who curate more than 50,000 questions each month.

Quizistan which is a product of Inquizitive Games Private Limited is a real money trivia platform which was launched in September 2018 and has since gathered more than 7,00,000 downloads. Quizistan currently has approx 75,000 to 80,000 monthly active users. More than 1,000 live tournaments are hosted each day in a gap of one minute which gives users the chance to play at any point of time. The entry fee of the games range from Rs.10 to Rs.10,000. On an average each daily active user plays around 4-5 games a day.

The live tournaments that are currently held on Quizistan are easy to play. You open the application, chose the tournament of your choice, pay an entry fee and get ready for the question to be asked. You answer correctly and you win money. You get an option to immediately withdraw to your Paytm account or you could place a request to withdraw your winnings in your personal bank account.

The number of questions asked on live tournaments on Quizistan range from 1 to 8 and the tournaments are on different topics ranging from Maths, Cricket, Jumbled words, Bollywood, etc. (More than 150 topics)

Former ISB Hyderabad Graduate and co-founder of Quizistan, Harshdeep Sethi mentioned that the reason for the success of any real money game is cost of customer acquisition, revenue generated and customer retention. We acquire users through innovative ways of marketing at a low price. We generate good revenue from them over a period of time and our retention is great as well.

Our biggest achievement in the past 14 months is that we formed a passionate team and we’ve got the perfect combination of Acquisition, Revenue and Retention. Launching the “challenge a friend” feature would increase our retention and revenue by multiple folds. We have a bunch of exciting new features coming up as well example a “Quiz Poker”. We will be the first ones to launch it in the industry and forecast it to be a game changer.

Another reason for our success in such a short period of time is that we understand the need of our customers and keep changing our product accordingly. We understand that not all users would be good at Maths or Science or Gk, so we create specialized content which gives everyone an equal chance to win money. For example: If India and Pakistan are playing a cricket match today, then we would create a quiz around it. This gives a chance to anyone who watched the game to come and play the quiz. We call it being “Relevant”.

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