14 Sep 2021 faisan

Startup Awon GameZ receives $2 million in seed funding

Upcoming gaming startup Awon GameZ has managed to raise $2 million in capital through seed funding from family offices, it announced this week in a press conference. The Indian company has said it will use the financial influx to upscale their market research, expand their services and recruit top-talents from around the world.

Awon GameZ focuses specifically on skill-based games which involve real money, such as poker, rummy and fantasy sports. They are one of the few entities to offer the facilities of hosting audio and video calls, in order to make the experience more social and community-based. To further its aim of making the gaming community more inclusive, Awon GameZ is also working on establishing an online platform for children.

“Any player has a 50% odds of winning in real money gaming, which is way higher than any other platform. All you need are sets of skills to increase your winning possibilities," Amardeep Bajpai, founder of Awon GameZ, stated in a press release reported by livemint.com.

Another upcoming objective of the startup is to provide their users a common marketplace capable of serving all their gaming needs. The ultimate goal is to gamify the experiences they offer and in doing so, extend their customer base to over 10 million people by the end of the year.

“Gaming is not just about regular games like Candy Crush; it’s also about skill-based games that engage serious gamers. Now, if the word ‘gamer’ evokes imagery of young millennials wearing headphones immersed in their phone with fingers flashing all over the screen, you would be badly mistaken. Today’s gamers play card-based as well as fantasy games. Both these are categories that are high investment and high involvement genres for gamers," opinionated investor Aditya Duggar.

Awon GameZ is primed to take advantage of the continuing gaming boom in India, born out of reducing internet changes and the consequential increasing penetration. The country presents a great opportunity considering it has the second most smartphone users in the world, with its gaming industry the sixth largest globally. The market is projected to cross $1.5 billion by 2025, on the back of ongoing and upcoming developments in 5G networks.

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