15 Mar 2019

Sunny Leone launches feature on 11Wickets.com

Sunny Leone 11Wickets.com

India’s fastest growing online fantasy platform, 11Wickets.com has launched first ever Select your Substitute Feature for online fantasy cricket at an event in Mumbai on 12th March. Bollywood Diva Sunny Leone and Navneet Makharia, CEO of 11Wickets.com launched this exclusive feature in India.

During an event organised by 11Wickets.com at ITC Maratha of Mumbai, the Brand Ambassador of the online fantasy sports gaming platform Sunny Leone also announced the winners of “Meet Sunny Contest”. The winners took selfie with the diva and became her VIP Guest of the day.

The “Select your Substitute” feature of 11Wickets.com is the game-changer for the online fantasy sports industry of the nation.

The online gaming industry in India has evolved with time, which has helped it to maintain its popularity. 11wickets.com offers a modern twist in the traditional games and is aiming to be the part of the evolution. The platform believes that the twists it is bringing will be exciting to a large scale of gamers.

A substitute is an extra player in the selected fantasy team of a cricket match. He can replace any one player, if the users find that the performance of one player is not up to the mark.

11Wickets.com dedicates to offer online sports like fantasy cricket and fantasy football to the sports fans of India. A brand of Ability Games Private Limited headquartered in Kolkata, 11wickets.com is bringing elite features for their fans. There is more than 1.5 M registered users playing online fantasy games in the platform. Since its launch in May 2018, the platform has turned out to be the fastest growing fantasy sports destination of the nation.

It has the goal to capture and change the perception of Gen X towards the online skill games and see 11Wickets.com in every Smartphone of India.

During its almost 1 year journey, 11Wickets.com has also attained its first international recognition by first tying up with Amazon Pay and then with Sportradar. The renowned international brands Amazon and Sportradar has put their trust in 11Wickets.com and tied up with it to provide even better gaming to its huge user base.

The recent collaboration with Sportradar is going to offer live scores for the matches live at 11Wickets.com to play. They are also supporting the platform through ball by ball commentary, live match tracker and analysis of the playing ground weather.

Hence, along with the newest feature at 11Wickets.com “Select your Substitute”, the users can also check the live scores, live match tracker, get ball by ball commentary and learn about the weather condition of the ground where players are going to play while checking out their fantasy scoreboard.

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