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20 Mar 2021 faisan

Vishal Gondal offers free counselling to ‘addicts’ in response to defamation suits

GOQii and nCore Games founder Vishal Gondal has filed his response to eight legal notices that he received for alleged defamation for his comments criticising online gambling apps and platforms.

Last month, Gondal wrote a column for a website where he called out the situation of Indian Online Rummy Industry and how the gambling is deeply taking roots in India in the shade of “skill-based gaming”. Gondal, who is an avid reader of the fantasy sports sector in India, received eight legal notices, all sent within a few days, as the notice clearly stated that his article and some of his tweets had ruined their reputations in the society.

Responding to the legal notice, Gondal’s lawyer pointed out that there have been instances of 19 cases of suicide in the last few months following losses incurred due to the online gaming addiction. The notice stated that Gondal had staunch opposition to online gambling portals.

The lawyer further added that the legal notices are “an attempt to threaten and extort money in the garb of alleged loss of reputation”.

“In light of the aforementioned facts and circumstances, our Client has instructed us to call upon you which we hereby do to withdraw your notice immediately with a written apology to our Client failing which, our Client shall be constrained to initiate appropriate legal proceedings against you including but not limited to damages for the harassment and defamation suffered by our Client,” Gondal’s lawyer added in the responses.

Gondal’s lawer, writing on his behalf, further offered free counselling sessions to the gaming “addicts”.

“Further, our Client in good faith is ready and willing to organize counselling sessions for your client taking into consideration the addiction and heavy anxiety caused by playing these Real Money Games which have caused financial loss, severe addiction and loss of life,” the response added.

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