10 Apr 2021 faisan

Xeta Networks set to launch Fantasy Dangal during IPL 2021

Dangal Games, operated by Xeta Networks, the company that owns games like Poker Dangal and Rummy Dangal, is all set to launch their fantasy sports offering Fantasy Dangal during the ongoing season of the Indian Premier League.

Dangal Games recently raised $1 million in Series A round from an undisclosed strategic investor and had earlier raised Rs 2.5 crore in the first round of funding from an angel investor in July 2018. With firm footing in Poker and Rummy industry, Xeta Networks have now decided to launch a casual gaming app called Dangal Games which will have multiple games residing in the app as well as its Fantasy sports offerings.

"We are coming out with our first product in non-card space which is Fantasy Dangal. We believe that there is huge potential for fantasy sports in India. Everyone knows fantasy sports due to the rise of Dream11 and the kind of funding they have been able to raise. But as a sector, it is still very niche and too young," Dangal Games CEO & Founder Varun Mahna said.

"India being a crazy sports-loving country the number of users who play fantasy games is only 10 crore. We expect that number to be 80 crore in the next two to three years. So this is the kind of opportunity that is there in the market and we want to capitalise on this growth story for fantasy and acquire a significant market share and user base in the next 2-3 years. That is the vision with which we are entering the fantasy gaming business."

"We have always believed that there is clutter at the bottom and space at the top. Fantasy sports is synonymous with cricket but we have a firm belief that Indians follow all sorts of sports. We have lovers of football, hockey, kabaddi and there is space for these games to now start prospering in India. We want to utilise the current level of love that Indians have for sports and then translate that into a very loyal user base for Fantasy Dangal."

While Poker and Rummy Dangal will continue to exist as standalone products, Dangal Games will house all of the company's other gaming IPs in a single app. According to reports on Exchange 4 Media, Dangal Games will have 20 games at launch. Currently, the product is being tested.

"With Dangal Games, we are offering our users a single-stop solution for all their gaming needs. It will be a single app from which users will have access to multiple games and products. From a single user, users can play any game of their choice. Be it poker, rummy, fantasy, or casual games as per their choice," Mahna said.

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