26 Mar 2021 faisan

Yahoo Sports adds Video chat feature for its Fantasy Sports Drafts

Yahoo Sports have added a new feature of video chat for the fantasy sports players while drafting their teams. Apart from that, the company also launched another product, called Yahoo Fantasy Plus, a new premium service priced at $8 per year to give fantasy players access to advanced research and other team analysis features.

Yahoo, last year, launched a service called “Watch Together” to let fans stream NFL games and now they have added an extension of the service called “Draft Together” which is now embedded in Yahoo’s web fantasy platform in time for users doing fantasy baseball drafts.

The newly-enabled Video chatting, however, is limited to those in leagues of 12 teams or fewer and is now limited to Desktop only with Yahoo adding that mobile capability will be added at a later date.

For the convenience purpose, fantasy managers can now access a free seven-day trial and during the launch, a trade insights feature and an optimization tool will be available that analyzes player data to set daily lineups with one click.

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