Match date · 11 Dec 2019 · 00:00 IST

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | 1st Test, day 1 - match prediction

Pakistan will host its first Test match on home soil since 2009 when they take on Sri Lanka in Rawalpindi in the first match of the series on December 11.

It is going to be a grand occasion for Pakistan, with the Asians hosting their first match on home soil after a decade. While Sri-Lanka shared spoils with New Zealand at home in the previous series, Pakistan was hammered by Australia in the away series. Both teams have their backs against the walls and have everything to play for. With some exciting talents locking horns, the upcoming Test is shaping up to be a mouth-watering one. Now, to give you one more reason to watch the contest, look at the odds we have assembled for you get richer within a blink of an eye.

pakistan vs sri lanka cricket

Sri Lanka likely to open up strong

Sri Lanka to have the highest opening partnership @ 2.20

Test cricket is back in Pakistan after 10 years, it's finally time for the nation to witness some top class cricket. Going into the bet, we should give Sri Lanka a head start as far as the opening stand is concerned. The Pakistani openers have been a notch below par for the past five games having scored just 18.8 runs on an average in the first innings. On the flip side, their opening bowlers were too ordinary and shipped in 62.2 runs on an average. In the last five matches, too, they have conceded a shade over 50 runs per wicket for the opening partnership.

Now, here’s the catch. When these two teams lock horns, the opening partnership increases for them considerably in the first innings. Their average in the past five head to head matches for the Pakistan is 37.8, while for Sri Lanka is 42.8. There have been a total of 7 instances where any of the team has passed the given number of runs for this bet. So, be pretty sure that there’s money coming your way in this bet.

The Lankans to take the innings lead

Sri Lanka to take the first innings lead @ 2.37

Well, the selection of this bet might raise a few eyebrows, but we have scrutinised every aspect of the game to make you comfortable and actually place the bet. To start off with Pakistan, they have had a rough time in the past five matches where they have never managed to take the first innings lead. Their average of 217 in the first innings in those matches is quite small compared to the 417 runs they have shipped in the same time frame per innings. Even though they have a good record in home matches, all of them were played at the United Aran Emirates and so it does not give an actual picture.

Even though Sri Lanka have just taken the first innings lead just once in the last five matches, they have just conceded 334.4 runs per innings, which establishes as point that their bowlers have been far more disciplined. Even if we look at the last five head to head encounters between the two Asian nations, Sri-Lanka have outscored their rivals on 3 occasions in the first innings. The Lankans have scored 346.2 runs on average while Pakistan have managed to pile up just over 290 runs. It’s going to be a cracker of a match and placing this bet is going to make it even more fruitful. So, just go for it.

Many runs of first wicket

Runs at the fall of first wicket over 23.5 @ 1.90

While both the teams might not have put up huge stands for the first wicket, their records will undoubtedly fulfil our criteria. Sri Lanka have passed the 23.5-run mark in four of the five occasions in the first innings in the past five matches. While their ordinary bowling attack has also let in more than the given mark on two of the four matches. Throwing light into their competitors, in the last four matches, 3 times have the concerned team got past the 2.35-run mark. Even in Rawalpindi, during the ongoing Quaid e Azam Trophy, there have been three scores north of 23.5.

Sri Lanka, on the other hand, have been better at exploiting the new ball and have consistently scoring around 38.4 runs for the past five matches in the first innings. Their bowlers have been good though, just letting in 18.2 runs on an average before taking the first wicket. Even though Pakistan have the better record in the past five matches, the recent debacle in Australia does point the other way. Sri Lanka with a stellar outing in South Africa will fancy their chances of putting up big opening stands in the upcoming series too. Now, for you punters out there, this bet is a happy hunting ground.