Essex vs Hampshire match prediction 11 Jun 2021

Vitality Blast
Match date • 11 Jun 2021 • 23:00 IST
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ESS vs HAM T20 Blast Match Predictions and Betting Tips

Essex and Hampshire are scheduled to play against each other in the 15th match of the Vitality T20 Blast 2021. The match is scheduled to take place at the County Ground in Chelmsford on June 11. I have picked the top ESS vs HAM match predictions and betting tips to get you winning from the game.

Essex and Hampshire have a history in the format as long as T20 itself. They first faced each other all the way back in 2003 and have been playing each other in the format every year since. They have gotten 26 results against each other and both teams have won 13 games apiece. What is extremely surprising is the matches between the teams in 3 years, they had two draws! The chances of that happening is extremely rare, and yet that is how fierce the competition between the teams is. Although Hampshire did manage to win the 2 games taking place in the Chelmsford Ground in the last 5 matches.

In the first game of the new season, Essex handed a defeat to Somerset, whereas Hampshire was crushed by Kent in their game. The two teams have similar odds for winning, and we cannot take a chance on which team is winning. There are, however, other predictable odds that will allow you the chance to win a lot of money. Take a look at the top ESS vs HAM match predictions from the T20 Blast.

ESS vs HAM Team Bets

The team bets given by the oddsmakers are very lucrative in a couple of markets. I have handpicked these markets out for you for the top ESS vs HAM team betting tips from the game.

Total Match Fours to be over 28.5

The first bet I have picked out for you is a winner for sure, and I am going to show you that. Both the teams have played one match in the series, Hampshire lost against Kent by 38 runs and could only hit 12 fours. Kent smashed 15 fours in the game, leaving them with a total of 27 fours. Essex however, gave a stunning defeat to Somerset and won with 3 wickets and 7 balls remaining. Somerset hit 15 fours and Essex returned the favor and hit 22 fours! This more than compensates for the fours Hampshire might lie short of. The main point of comprehension here is that Essex is studded with great batsmen who are hard hitters all the way. From Tom Westley who scored 13 runs but hit 3 fours worth 12 runs. Paul Walter hit 5 fours and James Neesham took the cake with 53 runs with 7 fours and 2 sixes at a strike rate of 212.0!

The average fours seen in last year’s T20 Blast was 12.8 fours per match from 10 games for Essex and 10.0 fours per game from Hampshire. But if the first match of the two teams was a taste of this season, the fours would be much higher. They did hit 29 fours in their last game and 20 fours in the other game in the 2020 season. We have seen the two teams begin this season with a frenzy of fours and this is one of the top ESS vs HAM match predictions. has offered odds of 1.83 for total match fours to be over 28.5.

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Essex to hit the most Sixes

This is one of the strongest betting markets and it is really surprising to get such good odds for this bet. In the only game played by the teams, Hampshire managed to hit only 1 six, while Essex hit 6 sixes against their opponents. Both the teams conceded more sixes from their opponents, with 8 sixes by Somerset against Essex and 5 sixes by Kent against Hampshire. My point is that Essex at least successfully hit sixes. Hampshire was down by 9 wickets by the end of the match and only Joe Weatherly managed to hit a sixer. Essex had three players chip in to get the 5 sixes, Micheal Pepper, Paul Walter, and James Neesham. So the team with players already accustomed to hitting sixes would obviously be more likely to get the most sixes.

Even in the last season, Hampshire hit a total of 28 sixes in their 10 games at an average of 2.8. Essex, on the other hand, hit 44 fours from their 10 matches at an average of 4.4 sixes per game. This shows that Essex is clearly more dominant in the hitting boundaries department. Last year both the teams had gotten most match sixes in one game each. Although in their 7 matches till 2017, Essex has hit more sixes in 5 of the 7 games. This is another winning ESS vs HAM betting tip to definitely go for in the game. has offered odds of 1.80 for Essex to hit the most match sixes.

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Essex vs Hampshire Player Bets

The player bets on performance points present a couple of opportunities, but I have found an Essex player who is particularly fallible against Hampshire. Take a look at the top ESS vs HAM player betting tip.

Varun Chopra to hit under 2.5 fours

The last bet I have picked for you is a player who has consistently failed to perform in this format. Varun Chopra has been an opener for Essex for the last 4 years. He had initially transferred to Warwickshire from Essex back in 2010 but transferred back in 2017. He has played a total of 115 T20’s in his career and scored 2896 runs from them with 251 fours and 82 sixes. This is an average of over 2 fours per match, but this includes ancient history. In the recent past, Varun Chopra has not been able to perform at all. The last time he played well was in 2018 and he couldn't perform against Hampshire even then. Last year he played 6 games and managed to hit only 6 fours from the games. This was an average of 1.0 four per match and he hit over the target fours in only one game.

Varun Gupta barely had an opportunity to play in 2019 and wasn’t playing in the first game of the season. In his last 8 games against Hampshire in his career, he has just managed to hit 4 fours in one game in Southampton. He could not hit a single four in the other 7 games including two recent games in Chelmsford. This is another one of the top ESS vs HAM match predictions. has offered odds of 1.66 for Varun Chopra to hit under 4 fours.

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