Match date · 29 Dec 2019 · 00:00 IST

Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide Strikers match prediction

Melbourne Renegades will host Adelaide Strikers in the 15th match of the 2019 Big Bash League at Docklands Stadium in Melbourne this Sunday.

The so-far invincible, Adelaide Strikers will face-off Melbourne Renegades, a team which is yet to collect its first point this season. But, I can bet you that the upcoming fixture won’t be a lopsided one, rather it promises to be a riveting contest. While your eyes will be glued to the Television sets this Sunday, take a while to check out the three winning odds I’ve assembled for you. Who knows, you might earn big money and end your weekend on high.

Marsh still going strong

Shaun Marsh to score above 29.5 @ 1.83

Gaining prominence after some stellar performances in the inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League, Shaun Marsh was back then the future of T20 cricket. Even though he represented the Aussies in all three formats, he never cemented a place. With age not by his side, the southpaw is still going strong in the domestic circuit, having started the Big Bash League with a bang. His scores so far this season – 37, 55, 42 at an average of 44.66. Even though Marsh was irregular in the previous couple of seasons during his stay at Perth Scorchers, he still squeezed in more than 30 and 49 runs on an average respectively.

His overall average of 38.98 in T20Is is the one striking fact which compelled me to invest in this bet. In the last 5 matches before in the BBL before this season, his scores were – 96, 0, 30, 56, 57. Four times has he crossed the 29.5-run mark, which makes this bet a winning one. On top of that, Marsh is Renegades’ top scorer till now this season with 134 runs in 3 matches. No half measures, you should definitely go for this one.

High scoring games in BBL so far

Total match runs to be over 308.5 @ 1.83

As you have noticed, we have been gifted with matches with high scores throughout the BBL this season and the teams which we are concerned about have been going along the same lines. In the five complete matches the Renegades and Strikers have been involved, 5 times the total score of the match has gone north of 308.5 and in the remaining match it was 13 runs shy of the target.

Interestingly, the top four run scorers of this season are either of these two teams.

The list goes as follows:

  • Jake Weatherald (Adelaide Strikers) - 146 runs
  • Alex Carrey (Adelaide Strikers) - 145 runs
  • Jonathan Wells (Adelaide Strikers) -  141 runs
  • Shaun Marsh (Adelaide Strikers) - 134 runs

Shaun Marsh is predicted to play on top

Meanwhile, Adelaide Strikers’ average score per innings this season is 177, which speaks a lot of their capabilities. Melbourne Renegades is not far behind, having piled up 167 runs per innings in their quota so far. With explosive batsman like Shaun Marsh and Weatherand set to play, it is quite obvious that 309 or more runs will be scored in the match.

Shaun Marsh to hit over 0.5 sixes @ 2.10

Previously, I have detailed how effective Shaun Marsh can in this format and is an asset to any team he plays for. Analysing more into his stats, I came across the fact that the left-hander has hit 6 maximums this season with an average of 2 per match and has also managed to clear the ropes one in every match. He is Renegades top six hitter this season and it is not a very unusual.

In his illustrious T20 career, Marsh has been part of 176 matches and has hit 187 sixes which is more than one six per game. Even though he only played three matches last season, it did not stop him from hitting 5 sixes (more than 1 six per game). As the stats speaks, there is no way Marsh is not going to hit a six, so do not miss out on this full proof bet.