1 May 2020 Patrick

Khelplay Rummy Television Ad Falls Foul of Watchdog

The Independent Advertising Complaints Council of India (ASCI) has upheld a complaint against Khelplay Rummy’s owner Sachar Gaming Pvt. Ltd.

The tagline of one of their television adverts for rummy in Marathi was found to be misleading. The tagline, translated to English, said, “The more you play, the more you win”.

In its findings, the ASCI noted that “if there is a possibility of winning, then there is also a possibility of losing, which is not mentioned by the advertiser”.

Further comment explained that the advert should clearly state game conditions to enable players to obtain an accurate and fair view of their prospects. The advert links playing rummy to enhancing memory, but Mumbai-based Sachar Gaming did not provide any technical or scientific evidence to prove this.

Khelplay Rummy allows users to play rummy in all three main Indian formats, plus fantasy cricket, for real money.

According to The Rummy Federation (TRF), the online rummy industry in India is worth Rs. 2200 crore with over 5.5 crore players. There are nearly 20 companies in the online rummy industry in India with seven affiliated to TRF.

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