20 Apr 2021 faisan

MPL plans to spend more than 40% of its ad budget on IPL

Mobile Premier League (MPL) have set aside 40% of its total advertising budget for the entire year for the Indian Premier League. Abhishek Madhavan, SVP, Growth and Marketing, MPL, has shared the company’s growth strategy and revealed that the company is eyeing an active user base of 10 crores.

After seeing massive growth last year during the Indian Premier League, fantasy gaming platform Mobile Premier League (MPL) is spending heavily during the matches, both on TV and digital. They have also acquired properties to create a surround sound for the campaign. According to Best Media Info, the brand is planning to spend more than 40% of its marketing budget on IPL during this season.

Abhishek Madhavan, SVP, Growth and Marketing, MPL, told BestMediaInfo.com that apart from the usual companies, they are also spending money on YouTube for its digital audience.

“Our strategy is to have a well-distributed overall marketing approach via digital as well as conventional channels. Our TG is anyone using a smartphone in India and hence, our focus is on mobile marketing because it is a huge market and is bound to increase with smartphone and internet penetration increasing rapidly. Television is equally important as it helps us reach our masses. So an integrated approach with TV and digital has worked for us.”

“We are focusing on a campaign where our core USPs are communicated in a lucid, creative manner to our audience. This has worked very well for us in the past editions of the IPL — 2019 and 2020 — and we will release special campaigns made for the IPL with a sound surround plan. This presents a fantastic opportunity for brands like us to market themselves and grab eyeballs.”

Madhavan revealed that MPL hopes to become a brand that is easily recognized by the masses across the country.

“We are now present in over 5,200 cities and towns and we look at e-sports as a way to bridge the gap between the opportunities in bigger cities and smaller towns. There is quite some room for internet and smartphone penetration in rural areas, but you will only see both increasing in the near future. Hence, as that increases, so will the growth of e-sports,” he added.

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