24 Jul 2020 shivani

PokerStars India Launches I’m in Campaign with MS Dhoni

PokerStars India has launched a video ad campaign, ‘I’m In’, starring the former captain of the Indian cricket team, MS Dhoni, as per a report in Economic Times.

Dhoni was signed as PokerStars’ new brand ambassador in April 2020, as was announced on their Facebook page. Currently, the brand is at rank four for player traffic among Indian poker sites. By roping in Dhoni, they aim to attract the cricketer’s huge fan following to the platforms.

The campaign highlights that PokerStar India's players come from different backgrounds but still share the love for a good challenge and learning new skills.

PokerStars India has launched three humorous videos with Dhoni playing against people from different walks of life—mathematician and mettle head, 73-year old chawl (residential compound) marathon champion, weightlifting champion—showing that PokerStars.in welcomes poker players from different backgrounds who share the affinity for the game. The campaign invites the audience to join in the thrill of playing poker on the platform.

"With this collaboration we hope to take online Poker to a larger audience," Dhoni said.

Ankur Dewani, chief executive officer, Sachiko Gaming, said, “With MS Dhoni at its heart, the campaign showcases how poker is a game for absolutely anyone, a truly universal sport. We cannot wait to see the response of our audience and players across the country."

PokerStars India is also endorsed by Muskan Sethi and Sharad Rao. Aditya Agarwal quit the poker brand in December 2019, while Nawazuddin Siddiqui previously endorsed the brand on Television.

PokerStars was launched in India on 17th April 2018 by Rational Intellectual Holdings Limited and its India licensee, Sachiko Gaming Private Limited.

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